Relief from physical ailments associated with an active lifestyle. Feel the benefits of our topicals and tinctures.

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A high-quality formulation with the healing power of CBD. Created with your health and wellness in mind, we’re proud to provide the best overall quality products that support active lifestyles

Ikänik Ambassador

Toby Miller

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We are really excited to have Toby Miller join the Ikänik family. He is such a positive light on and off the hill and a true inspiration to all. We are here to support his run for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

Ikänik "LIFE" Stories

Bryston Deleeuw

Bryston has been perfecting his craft for over a decade.  His approach to shaping surfboards is balance of art and the science.  He is always in pursuit of the next adventure and we are excited to have him part of the ikänik family.    

"An Ikänik Life"

We are an adventure driven company that seeks to embrace life to the fullest. We believe that we do not stop playing because we grow old; but rather we grow old because we stop playing. Our natural CBD products have been helping lives since 2019.

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Many people at all levels of health use CBD to support their body’s natural systems. Since cannabinoids are already an integral part of the body’s ability to regulate and balance a wide variety of processes, CBD offers a natural option for maintaining homeostasis for those with no health concerns or for achieving specific benefits for those who need more help in their daily lives. Many people use CBD to support a good night’s rest, help maintain smooth, well-functioning joints, improve relaxation, promote a healthy mood, optimize overall quality of life and more. CBD offers viable options for people at all points on the wellness spectrum for living their best lives.


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